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The Way of the Dragon God (L.S.D.) is a Reggae artist , originally from Beijing.

General information about The Way of the Dragon God (L.S.D.)

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The Way of the Dragon God

English Name The Way of the Dragon God (L.S.D.)
Chinese Name 龙神道 / Long Sheng Dao
Genre Reggae
Origin Beijing
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Band members

Lead singer/bass: Guo Jian 国囝

MC/guitar: Niu Mu 牛牧

Guitar: Gao Xu 高旭

Keyboards: Fei Fei 飞飞

Drums: Gao Fei 高飞

Zither (by special appearance): Zhang Wei 张巍

Former band members

Guitar: Cui Xudong

Not to be confused with LSD from Tianshui.



Formed in January 2008

also known as L.S.D.

The dragon is the symbol of China. The gods are the source of their resolution, existence and power. The Tao ("the way") comes from the Taoist philosophy of Laozi and points out a certain road or way of thinking. The Way of the Dragon God, (literally: dragon, gods, "the way") is the synthesis of six uncomplicated, artistic, unaffected young people who happen to like the unfettered, free, lighthearted and borderless spirit of reggae music.

Each member of the band has participated in the recording of at least one album, and for some members this has been several albums. In the 1990s, members of the group each made a name for himself within the rock music community. After experimenting with many types of music, each member of the group discovered that reggae, given the current environment with many different definitions of value and many different spiritual approaches, is the best form of expression for him.

The lead signer feels that while the group are not Rastafarians, reggae music, like a warm breeze, is accessible to people no matter where in the world they come from. In the group's music, lyrics contain references to the understanding of love and spiritual freedom and include aspects of Taoism. Musically, while the core source is reggae, the group's music draws on rock, dub, hip-hop, world music, ska, electronic and many other forms of music for inspiration and includes parts for traditional Chinese instruments such as the "guzheng" (zither). This is not to say that the music is "reggae with Chinese characteristics" but rather that our band feels that the guzheng is in no way different from the guitar. The emphasis is not on where an instrument comes from, but that it belongs to a globally shared culture.

Music is a way to get information across. In the midst of all the flashy pop music, the group is trying to get across a message of the spirit of love that truly stands out. While maintaining excellence musically, the group expresses its individual attitude towards life in contemporary times and hopes to, through the influence of the music, express its responsibility to mankind and society at large -- as an artist would.

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"How much violence does the world need to go through to change? Is there a limit to the desires of the heart?
This world has been through centuries of change, but has it really progressed?"
Earth does not need to be conquered, all will change through love.
The Way of the Dragon God believes that the heart, more than anything else, points the way forward.


On August 22nd, 2010, they performed during the Max Star Music Festival in the Ditan Park. According to Beijing Gig Guide: Were also great, and a good band to end the week­end with. Unfor­tu­nately I couldn’t stick around for more (when I say lower back pain, I mean the shoot­ing stab­bing kind of pain you can’t ignore), but the few songs I man­aged to stay stand­ing for were great. They mixed tra­di­tional instru­ments with a great reg­gae sound and I really enjoyed it..[1]


In February, they toured New Zealand and according to Beijingdaze: (they played) several shows for the Chinese Institute’s Dragon festival and getting a chance to meet & play with some of mine & their own favourite Kiwi bands, Katchafire, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Tiki from Salmonella Dub.[2]


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