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This is a collaborative project bringing together information about bands, people, and places related to the pop music scene in China. If you live in China or are interested in the music, please share what you know with the rest of us. Read more...

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An introduction to Chinese pop music


China's pop music is a loosely defined musical genre by artists originating from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Others come from countries where the Chinese language is used by a large number of the population, such as Singapore and Malaysia. C-pop is sometimes used as an umbrella term covering not only Chinese pop but also R&B, ballads, Chinese rock, Chinese hip hop and Chinese ambient music, although Chinese rock branched off as a separate genre during the early 1990s.

There are currently three main subgenres within C-pop: Cantopop, Mandopop and Hokkien pop. The gap between cantopop and mandopop has been narrowing in the new millennium. Hokkien pop, though having its roots in Japanese enka, has been re-integrating into C-pop and narrowing its trend of development towards Mandopop.

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Cantopop Video

Mandopop Video

Chinese Pop Stars (a brief list)

1989, 23, 2R, 9 Maps, Air Dolphins, Amguulan, Andy Lau, Anson Hu, At17, Bang Bang Tang, Big Four, Black Luna, Blackberry Can, Boy'z, Candy Hsu, Candy Shop, Cecilia Cheung, Channel 9, Cheer Chen, Chelsia Chan, Christine Fan, Chui Ball Tong, Cindy Yen, Citybeat, Claire Kuo, Coco Lee, Cookies, Cyndi Wang, Da Bang, Dee Hsu, Ding Wei, Dry, EO2, Fei Qi Gong Chang, Fei Yu-ching, Forever Tarkovsky Club, Freya Lim, Gary Chaw, Go Chic (Taiwan), Grasshopper, Han Geng, Hao Ge, Harlem Yu, Heaven Square, Henry Lau, HotCha, Hsie He-hsian, Huang Xiaoming, Hwa Hwa, Jackie Chan … further results

Chinese Pop Albums (a brief list)

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