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General information

Title Midi Rock Music Awards 2012
Chinese title 第四届中国摇滚迷笛奖
Start Date 2012/12/16 04:00:00 PM
End Date 2012/12/16 10:00:00 AM
Organizer The Jury of China Rock Midi Awards, Beijing Midi School of Music
Event Location(s) M-Space

Event Poster

Midi Rock Music Awards 2012

Midi Awards 2012 sml.jpg

Midi Awards 2012 Poster


General Information

Midi Rock Music Awards 2012 is an indoor music award event for Chinese rock by Midi Productions

Organizers: The Jury of China Rock Midi Awards, Beijing Midi School of Music

Time: 2012-12-16 16:00 - 22:00

Venue: M-Space (M空间 formerly known as Training Hall of Wukesong Culture and Sport Center)

Bands: Yaksa, Escape Plan, Chuanzi, Ordnance, Dongzi, Nova Heart, Brain Failure, DJ Youdai

Tickets: Presale 80 RMB, at door 100 RMB, students 50 RMB

Ticket Service: hotline 400-610-3721, web: www.damai.cn and moshi.cn
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Directions: Beijing, Haidian District, Fuxing Road, Haidian District, (Chang'an Street extension cord) and West Fourth Ring Road intersection. Take subway line 1 and stop at Wukesong Station Exit B.

http://www.mastercardcenter.com.cn/templet/Enwukesongdl/articlenrwzbt.jsp?id=1243&article_id=122371 北京海淀区复兴路(长安街延长线)与西四环交叉口,乘坐地铁1号线从五棵松站B出口出来后步行5分钟

The 4th Midi Rock Music Awards

Since the big success of 3 previous Midi Rock Music Awards, recently, the band nomination and preparation for the banquet of the 4th Awards this year is now under its procedure, the banquet will be held on 16th December, 2012, at M-Space(formerly the warm-up court of the Wukesong Arena).

Band election and nomination have already been launched several days ago, the judgment criteria includes but not limits to rock artists’ annual live performances, records publication, social commonwealth contribution, public cognition degree and media exposure etc, which guarantees the nominated bands will be evaluated from all perspectives. All the rock records or EPs in the election should be internally published in China during the period October 1st 2011 to October 1st 2012. According to the statistics gathered by Midi Awards staff, till now there have been 82 records/EPs collected for the Awards nomination. The candidate short-lists have been submitted by 119 honored Midi Awards judges to the Midi committee, and the final result will be announced in a couple of days, which will also be under the supervision of 7 Midi committee jury members in an open and fair condition.

The 119 Midi Awards judges participated in this year range from renowned music reviewers, representatives of record labels, live performance crews, representatives of relevant agencies, experienced media celebrities etc. These people have contributed, promoted and supported the development of Chinese rock scene a lot in their own fields for years. The 7 Midi committee jury members are Dai Fang, Hao Fang, Lv Bo, Li Hongjie, Wang Di, Zhang Fan and Zhang Youdai. Besides 13 regular band awards, meanwhile, this year Midi add up something new and special, the "Annual Committee Member". This additional award is elected by 7 Midi committee representatives, and the award-winner can be practitioner, rock band, musical composition, organization, venue, incident, event and so.

As the outro of Midi 2012, Midi Rock Music Awards Ceremony has gained its reputation as well as attention from all rock fans nationwide. The 4th Awards will be held on 16th December in Beijing, consisting of medal presentations and live shows as always. Participated bands include well-know senior Chinese rock pioneers and Cenozoic rock rookies. Midi promised the Awards would be a great integration of kick-ass live rock shows and a worthwhile medal nomination ceremony!

The Nominees of China Rock Midi Music Awards 2012

Only a few days to go until the annual China Rock Midi Awards, all 14 Midi "Bricks" are ready to be given to its winners. Innumberous rock fans will come together on December 16th in Beijing, awaiting the 4th China Rock Midi Awards to reveil the winners one by one.

In the afternoon of December 5th, members of the Grand Jury found together to supervice staff of the award for public counting and call out the votes to each category. The votes by over hundert judges from the music industry, media and rock fan representives were projected onto the big screen at the meeting, resulting the final list of each category's nominees according to the vote numbers. The winners will be announced on December 16th starting from the afternoon 4 pm at M-Space. Recently, Midi started a vote-guessing activity on Weibo, all participants will get the chance to win a Midi gift-package.

Award Categories of China Rock Midi Music Awards:

1、 最佳年度摇滚专辑 (Album of the Year)


  • The Gala - "Music-mates are hard to find" (GALA《知音难觅》)
  • Black Head - "The Xi'An Incident" (黑撒《西安事变》)
  • King Ly Chee - "Time Will Prove" (荔枝王《时间证明》)
  • Escape Plan - "The World" (逃跑计划《世界》)
  • Lure - "Retrogade Kingdom" (诱导社《逆行王国》)

2、 最佳年度摇滚歌曲 (Song of the Year)


  • The Gar - "Love, eventually will omit the youth " (嘎调《爱,终将把青春遗漏》)
  • Black Head - "Rukawa Kaede & Sora Aoi" (黑撒《流川枫与苍井空》)
  • King Ly Chee - "Time Will Prove" (荔枝王《时间证明》)
  • Brain Failure - "Eternal Utopia" (脑浊《永远的乌托邦》)
  • Escape Plan - "The brightest Start in the night sky" (逃跑计划《夜空中最亮的星》)
  • Lure - "Retrogade Kingdom" (诱导社《逆行王国》)

3、 最佳年度摇滚乐队 (Best Rock Performance by Group With Vocals)


4、 最佳年度摇滚男歌手 (Best Male Rock Vocal Performance)


5、 最佳年度摇滚女歌手 (Best Female Rock Vocal Performance)


6、 最佳年度硬摇滚乐队 (Best Hard Rock Performance)


7、 最佳年度金属乐队 (Best Metal Performance)


8、 最佳年度摇滚乐器演奏 (Best Rock Instrumental Performance)


  • Morin Khuur player Batubagen of Hanggai (巴图巴根-杭盖乐队马头琴)
  • Vocalist & bass player Mamur of Mamur & IZ (马木尔-马木尔与IZ主唱/贝斯)
  • Guitarist Guan Wei of Muma & Third Party (关伟-木玛&Third Party乐队吉他手)
  • Guitarist Xie Yugang of Wang Wen (谢玉岗-惘闻乐队吉他手)

9、 最佳年度摇滚现场 (Best Live Performance)


10、最佳年度摇滚新人奖 (Best New Artist)


11、最佳年度专辑设计奖 (Best Album Art)


12、最佳年度民谣音乐奖 (Best Folk Music)


13、中国摇滚贡献奖 (Award For Special Contribution to Chinese Rock)


14、年度常委会奖 (Special Award by the Grand Jury)


Participating Artists

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