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General Information

Artist: Muscle Snog
Title: Mind Shop
Release Date: 2009, August 1
Label: Miniless Recordings & Maybe Noise Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Mind shop is on sale
  3. Fuzz rabbit
  4. Happy dreamer on a sad bed
  5. A specimen of chicken
  6. Kill me in a dirty nation
  7. The reverse cowgirl
  8. Cat
  9. Think and shit
  10. The boy with burning legs
  11. A day in life (Beatles cover)


(c) Beijingnoise

On Mind Shop, Muscle Snog straddles the invisible divide between pop and avant-garde music, while at all times injecting their songs with a liberal dose of noise. The result is an eclectic collection of tunes. More rock orientated tracks, like ‘Mind Shop Is On Sale’, come off as a mix of late 80s Sonic Youth and Big Black. On other songs Muscle Snog juxtapose jittery vocals with abrasive electronica shoved into a math-rock format. And sometimes they just relapse into unrestrained noise chaos, as happens on ‘A Specimen Of Chicken’ (complete with a squeaky squeeze toy).

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(c) Layabozi 2009

That’s not to say in any way that Muscle Snog’s Mind Shop is not a good album; quite the opposite, actually. However, I have lived in Shanghai for almost five years now and that’s quite a long time to go without voicing some opinions on local recorded music in your area. I have been doing a bit of study and I will have more thoughts in the future, but I’m happy this is the first one.

Mind Shop is one of my favorites from the Chinese rock albums I have been listening to recently, mainly because it marries two of my favorite things in music: noise and pop.

The album starts off rather clumsily with an off-brand ode to tone poems. It is an interesting precursor to the album in that it sets the tone for the noise to come later, but I am more interested in where the noise and the pop intersect.

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(c) Andreas Schiffmann, Musikreviews.de
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MUSCLE SNOG kommen aus Shanghai und experimentieren ähnlich eklektisch am Rande des Ungenießbaren wie - um im asiatischen Kulturkreis zu bleiben - Black Panda, Boris (ohne Hardcore und Metal) oder Krautikone Damo Suzuki. Dabei orientieren sich diese jungen Künstler jedoch durchweg am Alternative-Sound des Westens und hätten einem Label wie einst Amphetamine Reptile gut zu Gesicht gestanden.

FAZIT: MUSCLE SNOG orientieren sich an exzentrischen Lärmveranstaltern überwiegend amerikanischer Provenienz, wozu man die eigene Versponnenheit offenbar nicht noch zusätzlich benötigt. Wer einer furchtlosen Truppe beim Stilfinden zuhören will, sollte in diesen Reistopf hineinhorchen und wenig asiatisch Klingendes erwarten. Den Quirl hinterher abzuschlecken empfiehlt sich fürs Erste nur unter Vorbehalt, da die Lieder kein Langzeitarmona entfalten und eher als Momentaufnahmen zu sehen sind.


Further information

  • However announced for August, the actual release has still not happened at the beginning of November

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