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吴文喆 Wu Wenzhe aka MousoN

MousoN (real name: 吴文喆, wu wen zhe), a jazz singer and ambient/triphop musician from Guangzhou)

ex-Vocalist and Keyboarder of Azure Forest



Interpretation about her stage name: M=Music O=Original U=United S=Soul O=Opinion N=Nature or Mouse + Son (Micheal Jackson)

Enlighted by her father who is skilled in playing Erhu, the guitar and violin, Wu Wenzhe started playings at tender age of 7, on her keyboard. In highschool she already began to write her own songs. During her college years she joint the Jazz outfit Azure Forest who often performed live at local venues such as Park 19 or Solo 8 in Guangzhou.

After graduation all band members got much busier so she continue in doing music on her own.

October 2005, she won the main prize of 'China Mobile Ring Tone Contest for Guangdong Area' 中国移动彩铃唱作大赛广东赛区决赛 with her own Jazz composision.

Her compositions [1]

1. compositions in 2004:

  • 《唱山歌》, 《Azure Forest 组曲》

in 2006:

  • 《西湖颂》, 《每天保持好心情》, 《降B调的爱》, 《再见不如怀念》, 《广东电台珠江经济频道台标即兴曲》, 《一切已成过去》, 《原来我错了》

in 2007:

  • "There was a day", "Stars Tell Me", "Splash Love in the Ocean", "Sad Clip", 《小实验》, 《爱自己》, etc.

2. the electro music remix series

  • "Misty Funking Version", "Traveling light mix", "Lady mix" etc.

3. modern instrumental dance music (assignments for the modern dance ensemble 'Lingxiang Stage' 凌想舞台):

  • "Body and the Ciy I" 《身体与城市I》 (an experiemental theater play in November 2006)
    Background music sound track, composing and production: 7 songs incl. "thinking on the bus", "spring time I/II", "finger dancing", etc
  • "City Lonely" 《城市孤独》 (the show took place in May 2007 in Xinghai Concert Hall 星海音乐厅)
    Background music sound track, composing and production: 10 songs incl. "Solitude Chaos", "Four girls Solitude", etc.
  • "The Coulda Woulda Book" 《COULDA WOULDA书》 (performed on an experiemental theater play in November 2007)
    Background music sound track, composing and production

4. songs in collaboration with international artists in 2007:

  • "The First Tango in Italy" feat. Elisa Luu from Italy
  • "How come" and "I see the moonlight" feat. Taicon from Hong Kong



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