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Nagzul is a Pagan Black Metal artist , originally from Shandong.

General information about Nagzul



English Name Nagzul
Chinese Name 陰差 / Yīn Chāi
Genre Pagan Black Metal
Origin Shandong
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Band members

海洋 (Tomb Curse Rampant)

Former band members



Nagzul is a pagan black metal band founded in January 19th, 2011 by Hai Yang. Labeled Pest Productions. Also a branch of the former suicidal black metal band Tomb.

Chinese name 陰差 means the ghost officials working in the inferno from Taoism myth. They are in charge of guiding souls after death, in another saying, soul-collectors. Once a person died, while his soul still lingers in the living world for different reasons, then Yin Chai will appear and help these lost souls back to Hell.

English name Nagzul originally comes from J.R.R Tolkien's lengthy epic legend Lord of the Rings. The base word is Nazgul, in case of tautonomy, they switch the location of "g" and "z", built up a new word, which also implying a dislocation of souls.

Black Metal accompanies you on the path of miserable life!


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