Never Satisfy/A Wonderful Day (Free Birds)

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General Information

Artist: Free Birds
Title: Never Satisfy / A Wonderful Day
Release Date: 2002
Label: C plus C Entertainment Records
Type: CDDA

Track Listing

  2. Unreal Love
  3. Silly Boy
  4. Always Be One
  5. Love Sweet Love
  6. Never Satisfy
  8. Heart Of Bravery (Devoted To John Lennon)
  9. Magic & Tragic
  10. A Girl In The Town
  11. Don't Wanna Change My Love
  12. Time Files
  13. <EPILOGUE>
  14. Good Morning
  15. A Wonderful Day
  16. Baby You Know What I Mean
  17. Son Of Sea
  18. Every Time I See Her
  19. Dreams Come True
  20. I Feel Free (Like A Bird)
  21. My Love Was Gone
  22. I Met Someone
  23. Last Earthquake
  24. At The Rock'N Roll Party
  25. Hard To Say Good Night

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