On the streets (Xu Wei)

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General Information

Artist: Xu Wei
Title: On the streets (在路上…… ) zai lu shang
Release Date: 2006, February
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: 0094635557121,G1121-2(L)
ISRC CN-E24-05-470-00/A.J6
Language: Chinese

Track Listing

  1. 晴朗
  2. 彩虹 (Rainbow)
  3. 你 (You)
  4. 像风一样自由
  5. 那里 (Where / There)
  6. 丁香
  7. 纯粹
  8. 自由自在
  9. 幻觉
  10. 执着
  11. 青鸟 (Jade Bird)
  12. 两天 (Two Days)

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