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Background Information
Genre Raw Black Metal
Years active 2006 - present



Original Sin was formed in 2006 in ChengDu (China). In 2003, an extreme metal band was formed in Chengdu, called "凌迟", (members at that time: vocals and guitar: 傅杰 (Evil Soul) Guitar: 刘宇 bass: 李军 Keyboard: 张炯 drummer: 小三). The band participated in several extreme metal events. In july 2004, core members of the band graduated and the band disbanded. In 2005 the band reformed as "Black Present" and participated in a series of live performances, with their sound close to the original style of black metal. Their single, "Fratricide War" was included in China's underground extreme music compilation album Dead Night 3. In march 2006, their bass player left the team, and the new bass player Wolfsclaw (Aglare Light) joined with a new guitarist (Evil Venom) at the same time, so the band changed its name to "Original Sin". In may 2006, the drummer (Ghost) left the band, 2 weeks later the guitarist (Evil Venom) also left, leaving Evil Soul and Wolfsclaw as the only members. At this point, Original Sin was a two-member black metal band, and stopped all live performances to concentrate on music. In september 2006, Original Sin signed a contract with the underground black metal label Funeral Moonlight Productions (Shanghai) and released their demo 16 in October. In jan. 2007, Original Sin and the Italian black metal band Mourning Soul released a split. In february Original Sin and the black metal band from Malaysia Neftaraka released a split. In march 2007, the band released their first album, "Misanthropic" in China, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Australia and other countries. At the end of 2007, as creative ideas were missing, Wolfsclaw officially left the group and Evil Soul released a three-song demo. From this moment on Original Sin has become a one-man-band, with the sound influenced by depressive suicidal black metal. In autumn 2008, the second album of Original Sin "Black Depression" was released by Funeral Moonlight Productions, combining the old sound of Original Sin and the new "depressive" style. In the same year, Original Sin and Claustrophobia released a split. 2009, Original Sin released a split with the black metal band E.D.I.E.H. on the Pest Productions sub-label Autumn Floods Productions.







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