Out Of Control (Mafeisan)

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General Information

Artist: Mafeisan
Title: Out Of Control
Release Date: 2005
Label: Nojiji Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: N0502

Track Listing

  1. 寂寞开场
  2. 三角形
  3. 莫合
  4. 露出你的工具
  5. 唐山体育场
  6. 奶油蛋糕牧羊人
  7. 核桃
  8. 夜来香
  9. 空旷的舞台
  10. 西雅图少林寺
  11. replay
  12. 强心针
  13. 五里雾
  14. 向死而生
  15. 右脑丘


(c) Antarktikos, Spacerockmountain (2008)

When it comes to the world music scene, China is too often forgotten by Westerners assuming nothing is produced behind the walls of censorship placed by People's Republic. Quite the contrary, for those who have sought it out, China offers an enormous body of modern music in many genres popular in independent Western veins. Sometimes sadly pigeon-holed as C-rock like Japanese artist must endure with J-rock and J-pop. Yet really these are just a diverse as anywhere. However, just like in the west, rock and roll can certainly have a rebellious aspect to it. The PRC does crack down on this sort of thing more frequently and much more harshly than what rockers are familiar to. As an exemplar Beijing’s rebellious youths making noise I'm sharing Mafeisan with you. Mafeisan is an anarchist collective in the Chinese capital, and they are some of the city's best when it comes to noise. Beyond being anarchists in a totalitarian state; their front man dresses himself up as a lunatic clown, which I feel would be creepy and awesome most anywhere. Although I have never been to China, I can only assume watching and hearing what these noise rockers do is like flaunting their freedom to expression as much as they can manage pull off. Not sure if it could be called a protest, but certainly a new way of thinking for citizenry that becomes enchanted in the frenzy sounds. Definitely very D.Y.I. and intense, it just might spark a rebellious mood in you. - link

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