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Example music video of Chinese Punk Artist

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Chinese Punk artists

...Huh, 1210, 1979, 400 Blows, 69, A-Jerks, A-OK, Abo And The Twitch, Absolution, Angry Jerks, Another idea, Army No. 39, Bad Dream, Bao Dong, Blackbird, Bottle Rocket, Brain Failure, Breaking To Top, C60, Caffe-In, Children Sucker, Crappy Tobacco, Death to Giants, Defiant Scum, Easy Going, Fanzui Xiangfa, Friend Or Foe, Fu She, Go Chic (Taiwan), Gu Ri De, Guai Li, Gum Bleed, Hang on the Box, Joyside, Lienong de Xingqitian, Loudspeaker, Lure, Masturbation (Hanzhong), MiSanDao, Mortal Fools, NeverLand, Oi Bomber, P.K. 14, PB33, Pairs, Pet Conspiracy, Plastic Rubber, R.W.F, Random, Rascal … further results

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This genre is defined as same as:

It has the following subgenres: Hardcore, Noise Rock, Pop Punk, Post Punk, Punk Rock

Punk releases in China

Articles about Chinese Punk

Books about Chinese Punk

  • David O'Dell (2011), Inseparable, published on 20 August 2012

Beijing Bubbles


Beijing Bubbles, a documentary about the punk and rock scene in Beijing... Read more ...

Beijing Punk

Beijing Punk Poster.jpg

Beijing Punk, a documentary following underground punks through Communist China in the year of the Olympics... Read more ...

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