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Front Cover
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General Information

Artist: B6
Title: Post Haze
Release Date: 2008, November 15
Label: Guava Music (Modern Sky Records)
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: G021
ISRC: CN-A03-08-61700
Credits: Written and produced by B6 2007-2008 in Shanghai

Mixed by B6
Mastered by B6 in Pure Morning Studio
Cover designed by B6
Photo of B6 by Yen at the Shelter
Track 1 and 10 recorded at the Shelter
Slangs on track 2 by Song Tao
Vocals and Lyrics on track 5 by B6
Vocals and Lyrics on track 7 by KaKa
Vocals and Lyrics(cut up) on track 8 by Shenggy
Vocals and Lyrics on track 9 by Mian Mian

Track Listing

  1. 11:30 PM
  2. Day Of The Weird Beginning
  3. Philo - Margnial
  4. Take You With A Sigh
  5. Night On Earth
  6. Blind Leading The Blissed
  7. Red Sky (B6 Mix)
  8. Sweet Light
  9. Fiction City
  10. 04:30 AM


  • (c), Saucy, November 18th, 2008

B6’s new album ‘Post Haze’ is certainly aptly named. It’s an excursion into a glitch happy musical spectrum filled with some fantastic audio programming that will certainly keep any fan of the genre happy. Now if you are reading this review, then I will take it for read that you are an electronic fan (if not, then I’ll save you the time and advise that you move onto the next review) and for sonic range B6 certainly gets top marks. He has a great ear for dynamics often showcasing beats that make great use of the stereo field with sound stabs that are often awash with effects that don’t come as presets.



  • (c) Jade Bremner, Urbanatomy Shanghai, 30 December 2008

A jack of all trades, B6 has been around the Shanghai scene for a while: you might know him as one-half of IGO (their pop-acclaimed album Synth Love was released last year by Beijing’s Modern Sky Records), or as one of the founding members of the Antidote crew, or through any one of his many projects as a local producer and graphic designer (Aitar, Godot and Isolation Records).

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