Process (Lawrence Ku Septet)

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General Information

Artist: Lawrence Ku Septet
Title: Process / 历程
Release Date: 2007
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:

Track Listing

  1. Toothless 无奈
  2. Sisters 姐妹
  3. Ballad for the Blue Box 蓝盒子歌谣
  4. Well You Needn’t 不必了
  5. Speechless 难言
  6. Sentimentia 感触
  7. Three Doors, Three Keys 三个门,三把钥匙

Further Information

  • Record at the JZ Club
  • All compositions by Lawrence Ku except “Well You Needn’t” by Thelonious Monk. 除了“不必了“是由Thelonious Monk作曲,所有其他歌曲均为顾忠山创作。

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