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General information

Qingdao, as seen from the coast, photo (c) Azchael
Chinese Name 青岛 / Qīngdǎo
Geographical Location 36° 4' 0" N, 120° 23' 0" E
Province Shandong
Bands associated 2 (show all)
Venues in town 1 (show all)
Musicians born/died in town 0

Qingdao (青岛; Qīngdǎo), best known in the West by its postal map spelling Tsingtao, is a major city in eastern Shandong province, People's Republic of China. It borders Yantai to the northeast, Weifang to the west and Rizhao to the southwest. Lying across the Shandong Peninsula while looking out to the Yellow Sea, Qingdao today is a major seaport, naval base, and industrial center. It is also the site of the Tsingtao Brewery. The character 青 (qīng) in Chinese means "green" or "lush", while the character 岛 (dǎo) means "island". Qingdao is administratively at the sub-provincial level. It was recently named China's 9th-most livable city by the China Daily.

Music Scene in Qingdao

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Local Artists & Bands

Check out the list of Qingdao artists.


Check out the list of venues in Qingdao hosting shows.



Cui Jian and band played the stadium on Huiquan Square in 1994, in Taidong 2003 and in Huangdao either ‘02 or ‘03.


Again at ? Disco (demolished now).


Leon & the All Stars (cover band, canada/philippines) - 1st of nightly performances at Club Honolulu, Dynasty Hotel.-?-


In September Hang on the Box rocked Qingdao.


November 29th: Joyside and Recycle visit Qingdao.

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January 15th, Tang Dynasty (China) rocked at La Luna’s official opening party. On May 20th, The Cheatles (Beatles cover band, UK/Canada) had their 1st performance in La Luna. August 13th, Tookoo performed in Qingdao's M-BOX Bar. On December 25th, Sand (Beijing) performed at La Luna.

•Sound Toy (with other Chengdu ? bands) at La Villa

•Muma at La Villa

•The Billkillers (surf n rock cover band, Canada) - 1st of regular performances, Club New York - ?

•Paul Rey-Burns (UK, see Playmaker) starts unplugged a monthly music night (maybe 28 April?)

•Tan Yong Lin Hong Kong singer at Etsong Stadium


April 15th Miserable Faith performed in Qingdao.


On March 29th, Playmaker (UK) performed at the Club New York. March 30th, UK band Playmaker performed together with Tookoo, Arrows made of desire, Sko, Fancy World and Billkillers at the MAX 07 festival. April 2nd, Ryuji Enokida from Japan performed at the same festival. April 21st, the The Dama Llamas had their first gig in the Lennon Bar. Further in April, Fancy World (Qingdao), Arrows Made of Desire (EU) and Playmaker (UK) performed at Lennon Bar. May 18th, Convenience Store from Beijing rocked La Villa. June 3rd, the Deadly Vibes (USA) performed together with The Dama Llamas at the Club New York. August 5th, Mordy Ferber, Ian Froman and Peter Scherr performed at the Club New York. November 24th, the Jenny Scheinman Quartet performed at the Qingdao Concert Hall. December 18th/19th, Headache from the US performed at the Qingdao Concert Hall and at REDSTAR.


March 17th, the band Chinatown from France performed at La Villa. March 18th, French band Rue d'la Gouaille performed at the Club New York. Friday, March 21st and Saturday March 22nd, local magazine REDSTAR co-hosted the MAX 08 festival in Qingdao (Playmaker (UK), Lonely China Day 寂寞夏日 (Beijing), Arrows made of desire (Beijing), The Dama Llamas (US, UK, China), The Qingdao Dukes (USA, Qingdao), SKO (Beijing), Recycle (Beijing), PB33 (Beijing), Tookoo (Beijing), Guai Li 怪力 (Beijing)). August 2nd, Tookoo performed at Redstar. October 18th, SKO performed at the REDSTAR. October 24th and 25th, Ziyo and Damalamas performed at the REDSTAR and the Sailing Bar Huangdao respectively.


September 12th to 14th, the Golden Beach Festival 2009 happened at the Huangdao Golden Beach.

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