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is a Retro Rock, Indie, Rock, Art Rock artist in Shanghai, originally from Shanghai.

General information about

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Rainbow Danger Club at Yuyintang

Chinese Name 彩虹危险 / Cǎihóng wéixiǎn
Genre Retro Rock, Indie, Rock, Art Rock
Origin / Present city Shanghai / Shanghai
Founded in 2009
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Band members

Munson 炸死, Nichols 五毛, Ford 老爷爷, Corayer 老性感

Former band members

(performing) Threshold of Forest, Goliath George, Josh Frank, Vince Pierce, Micheal Arone
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RDC or 彩虹危险俱乐部 is a Shanghai-based progressive indie rock quartet. Combining elements of experimental, indie-pop, post-rock, progressive, and electronica, their music has been featured on a handful of international mixtapes and podcasts and their bombastic and colourful stage-presence makes them one of the Mainland's most sought-after live acts. RDC recently completed a 13-city tour of the United States of America and are working on a new full-length album.

All the members of Rainbow Danger Club are school teachers. Though all American citizens, they all met in Shanghai and are long-term residents of China.

Detailed Lineup

Munson 炸死: guitar, vox, lead songwriter, english teacher

Nichols 五毛: bass, vox, production, songwriter, math teacher

Ford 老爷爷: drums, bad puns, kindergarten principal

Corayer 老性感: trumpet, vox, synth, percussion, psychology teacher


2009: First two gigs were Harley's Bar in Shanghai.

2010: Released The New Atlantis EP online via their Bandcamp Page. Won the title of Song of the Year for “Neighbors on the Rooftops” awarded at the 2010 Shanghai Grammys by the Cityweekend Shanghai.[1]. "Neighbors on the Rooftop" featured as part of the December 2010 Music Alliance Pact's Global Mixtape. [2]

2011: Released first full-length LP, Where Maps End, in a theatrical performance at Live Bar, Shanghai. Live show included Friend or Foe, Pairs + the Dudettes, and theatrical help from members of Stegosaurus?. Where Maps End is made available for name-your-price via their Bandcamp Page. Performed with The Black Atlantic as part of the 2011 Jue Festival. Perform the Black Rabbit Festival in Bejing and Shanghai, Modern Sky Strawberry Festival in Zhenjiang. Open for the French Horn Rebellion in Shanghai. Release live album.

2012: Perform the Modern Sky Strawberry Festival in Shanghai and Jue Festival in Beijing. Rainbow Danger Club plays month-long tour of the United States of America with 14 shows and 2 live radio broadcasts in 13 cities. Releases two live albums including a live radio broadcast from legendary KVRX studios in Austin, Texas. Grow Mustaches. Releases Into the Cellar EP for free or name-your-price with all donations supporting the Movember Foundation.

Rainbow Danger Club is currently working on a new full-length album to be released in early 2013.

Other Projects

Bassist and producer Nichols is also involved with Shanghai spazz-jazz-metal duo Death to Giants and produces mashups under the moniker Renmin Beats. Guitarist Munson is a member of the Shanghai noise collective Starship Justice and previously a member of the Shanghai band The Living Thin. Trumpeter and keyboardist Corayer is an accomplished jazz vocalist and trumpeter and plays frequently with Death to Giants and Girls Like Mystery and gigs in Shanghai and Cape Cod, USA. He has made guest appearances on releases from Moon Tyrant and Stegosaurus?. The members of RDC are all fans of standup comedy with Munson and Corayer both participating in open mics.

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