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Renyu (Mermaid) Interview

This interview was conducted by Anna Gun of with Yan of Mermaid. This is exclusive and only for you, enjoy it:

The very likeable RENYU leader is no guy who distributes candies to make RENYU more interesting. He answered everything honestly, one more reason for friends of good metal music to keep an eye on RENYU.

Anna Gunn: How does the band work as a collective? Many creative conflicts or something similar to this?

Yan: First, my members and me F-ING love RENYU. So we are just like brothers and friends. Sometimes we would have conflicts, but it's the most normal thing. We fight most of the time.

Gunn: Your first album was about the Nazis, the second about Chi You. Can you tell us more about this?

Yan: The first album New Empire sucks (I mean the recording here). The thinking of this album is fighting and killing is a part of the natural human instinct. Someone might think this idea is wrong. And I am an idiot. But real is real. We can't hide the dark side of ourselves forever or our dear GOD won’t love the little lambs anymore. (laughs)

The second is about the CHINESE thinking. Chi You is one God of violence in China. But his thinking is not fond of CHINESE. But don't think too much, my friends. I named this album Chi You just because I love it. The whole album is a trip to see Chi You and God.

Gunn: Who created the ideas and do they contain any personal feelings or thoughts? Do you want to deliver any messages with your music?

Yan: I create the ideas. But it means nothing. I do not want to deliver anything. I write the songs just because I want to write them. Even if nobody liked them, I would keep on writing them. They are not born for people’s doting or something. They are one part of me. They are not FUCKING business music.

Gunn: There is one song on your new album ¨Shi Jun Ti: The Phage¨ and one part of the lyrics is specially striking: Godfather motherf*cker. What does religion mean to you? You seem to occupy yourself with it!

Yan: Thank you. But the line is "God Father Mother F*cker"- four words. Meaning is great GOD loves dear father and mother. Dear father and mother love their little f*cker. Religion means nothing to me. But I am a big fan of the story of the Bible and Buddha. Sometimes it is very interesting and funny.

Gunn: What do you prefer: Playing live or recording?

Yan: Both!

Gunn: You have already become a quit tip under Metal and Visual Rock fans in China and oversea countries as well. What do they mean to you and will you ever perform somewhere else than China?

Yan: They are not my fans. I just think they are my friends who love my music. I don't care they are CHINESE or NOT, because the coolest thing is rocking with my friends. So I will catch every show every time and everywhere. I hope RENYU will have lots of chances to perform oversea. And I think all of my friends are the greatest and craziest f*ckers and lovers. Let's rock at that time.

Gunn: Which is the best experience you have ever made in your career?

Yan: The best thing has been RENYU. RENYU gives me a lot of things which are f*ck or great. I love them all.

Gunn: What’s the worst?

Yan: One time when I had sex…

Gunn: I am taking the question back!

Yan: (laughs)

Gunn: Is there somebody who influenced you?

Yan: Myself and my friends.

Gunn: Please tell us what is a very special and unique thing on RENYU?

Yan: One time a pop show invited us.

Gunn: A pop show?

Yan: (grins)

Gunn: You have lived in the UK since but nevertheless RENYU’s activities have not been stopped. Is it hard for you to concentrate on RENYU from afar?

Yan: Yes. But RENYU is my lover. Love and sex drive me to do this. (laughs)

Gunn: You are all writing on new songs. What will be the next topic on your album? Have you staid loyal to your sound or will you fans be surprised by some new tunes?

Yan: Topic of new album is about....... (thinks) Maybe it's another thing of RENYU.

Gunn: Please describe RENYU with your own words

Yan: All I have.

Gunn: Is there a big difference between the public and the private RENYU guys?

Yan: No. We are selfish. And we just care about which kind of music will make us feel cool. So the public means nothing for us at this part.

Gunn: What are your goals for the future?

Yan: Rock China Rock Asia Rock the world Rock am Ring (^ ^)

Gunn: (laughs) Good luck! Please say some words to your fans!

Yan: Sorry to my poor English, my friends. Rock on.

Gunn: There’s nothing to complain. Thanks for taking the time.

Yan: You are welcome!


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