Reprieve: The Auspicious Occurrences of Dr. Chen's Past Lives (Proximity Butterfly)

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General information

Artist Proximity Butterfly
English title Reprieve
Publisher Maybe Mars
Date of release 2011
Release Type Independent
Catalogue Number Progressive psychedelic rock
ISRC CNA231131800
Languages on Record English/Chinese
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Track Listing

01 一千张脸 The Thousand Faces 4:33

02 毁 Ruin 1:06

03 湿婆舞的脚踝 Tiptoes of Shiva 4:55

04 媾 The Sex 6:30

05 朗读 Sickness 3:54

06 侵略 Aggress 4:14

07 虚荣 Vanity 8:23

08 地震 Earthquake 3:16

09 皇帝 Emperor 6:59

10 牺牲 Sacrifice 5:49

11 树上的婴儿 Babies in Trees 5:28

12 邪恶的人 Evil 4:01


“Album of the Month- May well turn out to be among the top albums of 2011” -Wang Ge Time Out Beijing Magazine

“Reprieve: The best non-Beijing release of the year so far.” -'Daze BeijingDaze

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