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Review of Round Eye's record by TimeOut Beijing. They say good things come in pairs, and Genjing Records’s newest release, a split 12’ between two very different punk acts, holds true. It’s a wild ride through well-aged old-school territory and a wacky assemblage of elements that bends protocol without losing edge. Even if a sax made the record less legit, there’s Black Flag’s own Greg Ginn on one of the tracks. What?

Full Circle is the first album from Shanghai-based punk outfit Round Eye, shared with front-man Chachy’s old band back in the States, Libyan Hit Squad, on side A. The latter group’s disbandment in 2011 left some unfinished business in the shape of songs that ended up on Round Eye’s catalogue instead, with the record taking three years to complete across New Mexico, Florida and Shanghai.

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Author Joana Matias
English title Review: Full Circle
Publication Time Out Beijing
Date of publication 2012 exactly on 2012/12/01
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