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Revilement Taipei Death Metal

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Line Up

  • Joe Reviled (Vocals)
  • Charlie (guitar)
  • Jack (Drums)
  • Vic (Bass)


With the disbandment of the Taipei death metal outfit Almost Human in 2005, three of the band’s founding members, Charlie , Jack and Vic decided to continue under a new name and search for a new vocalist. Charlie and Joe Reviled met in a mosh pit at the Formoz Festival in the summer of 2006, and an audition for the vacant vocal position was soon arranged.

By September of 2006, the current lineup was secured and the band name, Revilement, was later decided upon. Since then Revilement has established itself as a force in the burgeoning Taiwan metal scene, and had the privilege to play on the stage of the 2007 Formoz Festival, which was also attended by thrash metal legends Testament.

Today they continue to write songs in the vein of old school death metal and grindcore. Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under and Napalm Death, are just a few of the many influential and timeless bands that have inspired them along the way. Revilement is currently busy writing new material, refining old material, and honing their live performance in anticipation of spreading their music to new locales. Metal for them is not just something to listen to; it is a lifestyle that they have chosen to hold to until death.

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