Ritual and Music of North China: Shaanbei: 2 (Soas Musicology Series)

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This book, with its accompanying DVD, gives an impression of music-making in daily life in the poor mountainous region of Shaanbei, northwest China. It conveys some of the diverse musical activities there around 2000, from the barrage of pop music blaring from speakers in the bustling county-towns to the life-cycle and calendrical ceremonies of poor mountain villages. Based on the practice of grass-roots music-making in daily life, not merely on official images, the main theme is the painful maintenance of ritual and its music under Maoism, its revival with the market reforms of the 1980s, and its modification under the assaults of TV, pop music, and migration since the 1990s.The text is in four parts. Part One gives background to the area and music-making in society. Parts Two and Three discuss the lives of bards and shawm bands respectively, describing modifications in their ceremonial activities through the twentieth century. Part Four acclimatizes us to the modern world with glimpses of various types of musical life in Yulin city, the regional capital, illustrating the contrast with the surrounding countryside.The DVD is intended both to illuminate the text and stand on its own. It shows bards performing at a temple fair and to bless a family in distress, and shawn bands performing at a wedding, at funerals, and a shop opening - including their pop repertory with the 'big band'. Also featuring as part of these events are opera troupes, geomancers, and performing beggars; by contrast, the film shows a glimpse of the official image of Shaanbei culture as presented by a state ensemble in the regional capital.The publication will appeal to ethnomusicologists, anthropologists, and all those interested in modern Chinese history and society.

General information

Author Stephen Jones
English title Ritual and Music of North China: Shaanbei: 2 (Soas Musicology Series)
Publisher Ashgate Publishing Limited
Date of publication 2009 exactly on 2009/03/10
ISBN 978-0754665908 (find this book)
Number of Pages 243

Subject of the Book

This book focusses mostly about the following subjects:

Shaanbei, Folk, Traditional

General information

  • Dr Stephen Jones is a Research Associate in the Department of Music, SOAS, University of London, UK.

Further information

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