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With widening the genres of Rock in China it is important to have a number of pre-defined views on the data of Rock in China to enable different target groups to see their preferred content.

E.g. there should be a pre-defined view for metal, another for rock another for pop.

It has to be separate enough for individual views to not get "interrupted" by other data, yet still as together as possible to be coherent and NOT cause to much trouble for maintenance.

How to establish different views on the same data?

  • With Portals?
    • Portals as starting pages?
  • With skins?
    • Different color & logo
    • Different starting page defined via subdomain/domain?

Consistent items

  • Sidebar cannot be changed
    • Take out ROCK specific links, general links
    • With more than 2000 artists, drill down functions to be added to the top view of the Categories to easily give users their content
    • Additional property for venues (size?)

Individual items

Main pages to be changed to get more genre-specific links where appropriate.

Main Page Choice

The following can be added:

{| border="0" cellspacing="0" class="menu-background-header"
! width="100%" colspan="3" class="mainpagechooser" | <center>
<big><big>[[Main_Page|New Music (Underground)]] - 
[[Main_Page_Mainstream|Mainstream]] - 
[[Main_Page_Traditional|Traditional]] - 
| colspan="3" |<br/>

However instead of hard-coding the color a class should be given:

! width="100%" colspan="3" class="mainpagechooser" | <center>

and respective LINKS should be changed as well?

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