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This page is set up to understand a little bit about the available extensions that have been installed on the RiC wiki.

This page was started in November 2012 and does not contain historical extensions whcih can be seen in the Localsettings.php

Name Installed on Description Implementation
Semantic Mediawiki October 2012 Making the wiki semantic Implemented and working!
Semantic Forms October 2012 Create better user-friendly input forms Implemented and working!
Mobile Frontend November 2012 Enable mobile devices to have a better GUI Implemented, needs to be configured!!
Maps November 2012 Required for Semantic Maps to work Implemented and working!
Semantic Maps November 2012 Required to understand geographic coordinate for cities and representation of data on various maps Implemented and working!
Semantic Result Formats November 2012 Enables a number of new output formats Uploaded but not implemented, requires either newer SMW or change to older version
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