Rock in China Radio Show 3

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Rock in China Radio Show 3

General information

Moderator: Azchael of

Length: 18:28

Published: 2006

Download link:

RSS of RiC Radio Podcast:

Featured Artists

  1. Cobra
  2. Again
  3. Tomahawk
  4. Yaksa

Further information

Here's our third issue of Rock in China Radio and we've chosen history again! Topic is the era of 1989-1995 and our first song comes from the band Cobra, China's first all-female rock band, that not only became famous due to their social critism songs, but also evolved a global discussion regarding girls/women in China.

Next up is the band Again (Lun Hui) and their song creation, taken from the album with the same name. Taking a look at the band timeline we see several bands such as Overload, Zhang Chu (with his famous song "Sister", "Jie Jie"), Hades, Iron Kite and many others.

A band we're going to have a closer look at is Tomahawk, one of China's first death metal bands, that later developed into a New Metal / Death Metal style. Their song "The Origin of Mankind" is taking from their only release so far, "Dead City" by Scream Productions, featuring an overview of Tomahawks songs from 1993 to 2000.

Following is Yaksa, one of China's most famous new metal band (also called rap metal or rap core), that graduated from the Midi school and is a regular band on the annual Midi Modern Music Festival hold in Beijing (either headliner or last band of the night) with a large followership of fans and music enthusiasts.

Wondering, which book we'd been talking about in reference to Chinese rock history? It's Andreas Steen's "Der Lange Marsch des Rock'n'Roll", which is written in German, but features translations of a lot of old Chinese rock songs and their correction placement in Chinese rock history. More information about the book can be found in our book review .

At the end of our show we have another mashup sample of a compilation CD for you, this time it's Timestring Records "Various Artists of Xi'an Underground Rock'n'Roll".

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