Rumbling Footsteps (Glamorous Pharmacy)

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General Information

Artist: Glamorous Pharmacy
Title: 脚步声阵阵 (jiǎobù shēng zhèn zhèn) / Rumbling Footsteps
Release Date: 2008, December 1
Label: 九州音像出版公司 (???)
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:
Language: Chinese

Compose, editing: Glamorous Pharmacy (vocal, guitar: He Guofeng; accordian: Zhang Weiwei; Bass: Ye Penggang; Percussion: Guo Zhanxiang; Drums: Zhang Wei)
Lao Liu: Female Chorus: Dong Yan, Li Nan, Sui Yanling; Male Chorus: Wang Du Elder Choir
A Daoist from Lao Mountain sampled from animated cartoon with same name by Shanghai Film Studio of Fine Arts. Original composer: Qiu Yue. Original lyric: Zheng Ban Qiao "Ten Taoist Ballad".
Rumbling Footsteps has a piece of melody from a Japanese film "Kimi yo funnu no kawa wo watare". Original music by Hachiro Aoyama.
Swing oh swing inspired and sampled by "World of Animal" narrated by Mr. Zhao Zhongxiang. Original Music by Space in Album "Just Blue", 1978.
Cover Song: Original music: "Morning Song" by Iva Bittova from Czech Republic.
Recording: Xiao He
Remix: Li Weiyu
Translation: Jeroen Groenewegen
Proof Read: Xiao Xiang
Photograph: WeiZi, Cristina Ropolo (7, 11), Huang Jun (8)
Costume Design: Meizi
Equipment Support: Song Yuzhe, Wang Bing
Equipment Transport: Liu Yiwei
Production: MaM Music
Special thanks to: Mr. Peng Hongzhi, Chang Sha Folk Bar
Record time: 2008 September-October

Track Listing

  1. 崂山道士
  2. 脚步声阵阵
  3. 甩呀甩
  4. 老刘
  5. 杂技演员
  6. 翻唱
  7. 走神
  8. 酒狂
  9. 废梁


  • (c) Jade Bremner, Urbanatomy Shanghai, 06 February 2009

Having been around since 1999, the Beijing-based Glamorous (sometimes Glorious) Pharmacy has built up quite the reputation in the Chinese experimental art scene. Part of the band were members of the legendary Chinese folk group Wild Children, and they've since taken the notion of Chinese folk to experimental extremes.

They've made rare local appearances at the 4Live Festival and avant-garde frontman Xiao He occasionally pops into town to yowl away with his cheeky brethren Top Floor Circus. Internationally, they were one of the first Chinese bands to tour England, even supporting Lou Reed at the 2007 Rencontres d'Arles in France.

Rumbling Footsteps, their third studio effort, does not disappoint. It's a powerful medley of experimental rock, percussion and a mix of Chinese and Kazakh influences, permeating into Indian and Middle Eastern sounds. The theatrical album is filled with what sounds like chaotic improvisation, averaging over seven minutes per track. If it were a play it would be labeled 'heater of the absurd' due to its obvious parody, dismissal of realism and hard-hitting sounds.

Using mini-cymbals, glockenspiels, an accordion, bass and drums, the record moves through deliberately clichéd folk, polka, ska and metal riffs, even veering into Peking Opera, a slapstick comedy show and the Bugs Bunny theme (one of several unusual song endings). As these strange sounds, drummer boy samples, raps and unusual voice techniques play out, it's clear that this is one of the most original, inventive and refreshing compositions around. Just be prepared to listen with an open mind.


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