Running in the shades of Beijing: Regional Scenes of China

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Running in the shades of Beijing: Regional Scenes of China

Gathering the signees to our declaration of independence

Read first: Why No Beijing and D-22 are not worth the hype!

And then: Through the looking glass: Beijing Inventory

We wiped out the folklore of Beijing Rock being the one and only D-22 and revealed the mystery of Beijing music circles, now let's have a look at what the rest of China has to offer the music world! Because even though Beijing is the unaminous center of underground music in China, every city and every town has their own musical culture, their own musical life and their very own character! Why not start with the city that is talked most often about right now: Shanghai, Expo 2010, better city, better life ...

Haibao welcomes you: Shanghai - a story of defining oneself

The story of Shanghai is the story of a search; a search for one's own identiy, it's own sound, it's own very nature and character! This search has seen many a setbacks and the current happenings before the Expo opening are just another chapter in the "Story of I, Shanghai". Born in the background noise of commerce and business development, early bands The Honeys and Crystal Butterfly coined the image of Shanghai music for the next decade, even though punk and metal bands like Loudspeaker or Deadly Sins appeared on the side, making their own way into the new millenia. With the first bands, the first long-time venues The Ark in foreigner-fested Xin Tian Di and student-area SUS2 Music Factory opened their doors granting young bands the chance to release their Shanghai sounds on the inexperienced audience. Cold Fairyland, Top Floor Circus, Three Yellow Chicken, Sonnet and many others came and from 2003 onwards venues opened and closed in a multitude: Yuyintang, Live Bar, Harley's, 4 Live, The Shelter, Zhijiang Dream Factory; just to name a few.

Andy and Jake of Kungfuology openly questioning it and scene legends Lezi, Hans, Pupu, Morgan Short and Sam Dust are trying to establish it: the real Shanghai Sound, the Shanghai Rock, the one and truelly Shanghai Wow Effect. To be honest, Shanghai has learned a lot from Beijing and one of the things that marks Shanghai right now is the multitude of sounds it has produced... Take the bands around Lezi and his newly established Zhu Lu He Feng label: Sonnet, Pinkberry, Joker, 21 Grams; four pop rock orientated bands trying to push forward. Count the Jiao Ban bands into that circle of music as well (minus The Mushrooms). Deepdive into the psychodelic music that Hans and his Miniless Recordings is promoting: Muscle Snog, The Los, Fading Horizon, Lowspirit, to name a few. Pupu and his Mushrooms are standing for the wave of rapcore-orientated harder rock bands that still persue the melodic wave, including such bands as Double Control Where and Forget and Forgive. Morgan Short represents the growing number of foreigner-influenced bands such as Boys Climbing Ropes or The Rogue Transmission (a similar circle of musicians as Beijing's old Black Cat Bone / RandomK(e)). Last but not least, Sam Dust and his Hell United regiment of Shanghai / Nanjing /Hangzhou metal collective, that are hammering their way into the metalheads of Puxi!

Even though these circles might be visible to the outside, the scene in Shanghai is still within the struggle of identity with our watchmen Andy and Jake raising questions along the way, be it about the Shanghai Sound or be it the watchful eyes on the developments of mysterious The Man during The Expo. A city to watch and music to follow in this better city, better life ...

in progress ... until May 15th

--Azchael 17:58, 30 April 2010 (UTC)




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