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General Information

Artist: No Name
Title: Sick & Tired (Chinese Version)
Release Date: 2007, December
Label: Badhead Music (Modern Sky Records)
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: B034
Language: English

Track Listing

  1. Smash Everything
  2. Out of Control
  3. Youth Dream
  4. Come Together
  5. Don't Look Back
  6. Get Free
  7. Strive For You
  8. Trash Violent Society
  9. Under the Flag
  10. Chaos Changan
  11. No Time To Think
  12. Noname


  • (c) that's Beijing Magazine Online, Gideon Kalischer, March 15, 2008

Noname’s history reads like a “how to pay your dues” guide for rock bands. Since its founding in 2001 in Xi’an, Noname has gone through many personnel changes, recorded several demos and an EP, appeared on a variety of domestic and international punk compilations, extensively toured China and relocated to Beijing. Their first full-length album, Sick and Tired, was recorded by Germany’s Razorblade Music in 2006, and thanks to Modern Sky’s typical delays, it’s finally being distributed domestically.

Things are still looking up for the band. They’re on tour in Europe this month, with the possibility of more international distribution. A later release hasn’t dated the music much either: Noname’s already a bit of throwback in the Beijing rock scene. While most other bands cull from a variety of rock and punk sub-genres, Noname sticks to mining the hardcore punk of the ‘80s. Hardcore punk doesn’t have the same retro chic of garage rock or disco punk – it’s hard, fast and aggressive. Noname’s Sick and Tired won’t attract any new listeners to this sometimes-inaccessible genre, but for fans looking for a well-produced and tight old-school punk album, Sick and Tired hits the spot.

The album’s lyrical content, however, can be a little embarrassing. Noname’s vague lyrics about oppressive society and anarchy can make anyone over 14 cringe. Song titles like Trash Violent Society and Smash Everything, combined with the awkwardly broken English vocals, may elicit an unintended chuckle from Western audiences. Once you tune out the words, Sick and Tired reveals itself as a refreshing change of pace from some of Beijing’s trendier, but less talented bands.


  • (c) 8 Inches Productions, Nicholas Breakspeare

There are three very good things about this album from shambling punkscum No Name;

1)It’s better than anything the Sex Pistols ever recorded.
2)It’s a vast improvement on their godawful live performances.
3)It’s only forty minutes long.

Now we’ve got the warm, touchy-feely shit out of the way, let’s get onto why No Name joins the ever-lengthening list of bands that Modern Sky seem to have signed when drunk.

Smash Everything

“Gimme Money, gimme money,
gimme gimme all the money
fuck the bitch, fuck the bitch
fuck the asshole of the bitch,
go to hell, go to hell,
you are just a cunt, go to hell,
shut up, shut up,
Get out of my way, shut up,
(Smash Everything, Smash Everything)

(I will try) Just wanna realise this fuckin’ life,
False hope can’t give you the glorious future,
(I don’t care) This world it’s real fucking brutal,
If them hinder me, only have to smash it all”

This album really deserves a sound (and ideally fatal) kicking – and I like to think that I’m the man for the job – but it’s hard to know where to start. No Name could not have made themselves more of a target if they’d dressed up as the Chilli Peppers and recorded an album of Ace Of Bass covers.

This is gutterpunk of the most heinous, backward looking recidivism – an abhorrent repudiation of all the strides towards marvelous originality made by increasing numbers of Beijing bands over the past couple of years. I'd like to think that naming one of the songs on this album ‘Don’t Look Back’ is an act of ironic self-awareness on the part of the band, but given the levels of intelligence displayed elsewhere, I may be being a tad optimistic.

In fact, all you need to know about this album can be parsed from its song titles; Trash Violent Society, Under The Flag, Come For You – all ripped straight from the tracklisting of a Crass b-sides comp, but lyrically just an excuse to call people ‘fucking cunts’ repeatedly; it’s not big, it’s not clever, it isn’t even that interesting. To encapsulate the utter vapidity of the writing here, we again refer to No Name’s own song ‘No Time To Think’. I should think not, what with all the time you so obviously devote to posing in front of your bedroom mirror and getting your hair just right.

Everyone likes the Clash, right? Sure. But imagine if Mick Jones had never been in the band. Imagine a Clash album (god forbid – a triple album) consisting only of Joe Strummer’s earnest - if scattershot - sloganeering, but none of Jones’ musicianship. Yeah, he had a mullet, buckteeth and a weird relationship with his granny, but Mick Jones made Strummer listenable – he wrote the fucking tunes. ‘Complete Control’ is a truly great three minutes of barnstorming rock and roll, but do you really want to listen to it over and over for forty minutes? Well, if you’re the A&R guy who signed No Name, apparently you do, which is lucky, because that’s precisely what they’ve delivered in Sick And Tired – a tired, ever so grating, facsimile of a Clash album minus the musicality.

As is traditional in bad reviews, I shall end by punning feebly on the album title; Sick And Tired? Yup, after about one and a half minutes of this crap.


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