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SOILWORK has canceled their Beijing trip due to complications with visa applications!!!

But the gig still takes place with Raunchy and Debauchery


9th May 2008, 8pm at Yugong Yishan


  • Raunchy (Danmarks answer on Gothenborg, Metal Core on melodic swedish style)
  • Debauchery (the new nobles of German Death Metal)

Just when you think it might be another dusty May of another boring dead spring, hold it right there, ‘coz a major storm of high-voltage, multi-decibel is on the way to hit. Here comes D.O.R Heavy Show 1#, 08’ ultimate indoor metal gig will be exploded on May 9th in town. Outfit 7 studio albums and shortly after releasing their latest groundbreaking masterpiece “Sworn To A Great Divide” in late 2007, Swedish modern metaller SOILWORK will unveil their debut Beijing performance along with Danish heavy cyber-hybrid RAUNCHY and German old-school death metalhead DEBAUCHERY.


Three studio albums lock and load, Danish gangster RAUNCHY might conjure certain assumptions as to what this band's style might be like. The band name itself might bring to mind hard rock or possibly glam/sleazy, and that is way off the mark in this case. Bands from Denmark often slot into thrash, death, or melodic power metal genres, and RAUNCHY doesn't fit into any of those categories either. Instead, the debut album “Velvet Noise” delivers a heavy, slightly industrial metal vibe, with a small trace of nu-metal touches, RAUNCHY pushes its way more into a neo-thrash and high-tech mixture with the strong emotional elements during the second shot “Confusion Bay” and have it enlarge in the blast take-over “Death Pop Romance” in 2006, in which the band begun to lead the direction of Danish futurism completely by building up the style of the sound of cyber-hybrid.


DEBAUCHERY was spawned in 2002. Since then the band has recorded and released as following “Kill, Maim, Burn”, “Rage Of The Bloodbeast”, “Torture Pit” and “Back In Blood”, whilst Rock Hard Magazine wrote that “Torture Pit” was the best Death Metal album recorded by a German band in 2006, and the band were compared with Cannibal Corpse (speed), Benediction (groove) and Hypocrisy (hymns), In 2003 DEBAUCHERY toured with Hate Plow and later with Napalm Death… In 2005 with Six Feet Under, in 2006 with Dismember, this dirty bloody butcher simply slaughters worldwide without frills but only guts and gore, meanwhile, DEBAUCHERY bill will also see the first true brutalism live on stage in beijing, oh yeah, sick and funny.

Proudly brought you by Painkiller Magazine and Icon-Promotions, punch-in-face 3 in 1, D.O.R will be opening on 20:00 May 9th sharp, at YuGongYiShan club, do you smell heavy ?

Organizer: Painkiller Mag

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