Songs That Sell Out (Arrows Made of Desire)

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General Information

Artist: Arrows Made of Desire
Title: Songs That Sell Out
Release Date: 2009, May 29th
Label: Tag Team Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: TT007
Language: English
ISRC: CN-A76-09-00004-0/A-G

Music & Lyrics by Joewi Verhoeven
Produced by Steve Barker & Joewi Verhoeven
Engineered by Yuli Chen
Recorded in Beijing at Sweet Factory Studio except for Bear it calmly which was partly recorded at Joewi's apartment
Mixed by Yuli Chen at Sweet Factory Studio
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Avatar Studios (NYC)
Photography by Gamal Istiyanto
Artwork Design by Chen Wen Di

Track Listing

  1. For - Itself
  2. Shared dreams under a cloud of smoke
  3. Race
  4. Missing out
  5. Dependency!
  6. She seems to imply that I need a mirror
  7. Bear it calmly
  8. Misanthropy
  9. The revelation
  10. Heroes hit bottom
  11. I just thought I'd let you know
  12. Denouement

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