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Stegosaurus? is a Rock, Jurassic Rock artist in Shanghai, originally from Shanghai.

General information about Stegosaurus?


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English Name Stegosaurus?
Chinese Name 剑龙? / jiàn lóng
Genre Rock, Jurassic Rock
Origin / Present city Shanghai / Shanghai
Founded in 2009
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Band members

Bren / 瑞安: BASS, VOCALS
Tyler / 太乐: DRUMS

Former band members

Joseph / 约瑟: VOCALS, DANCING

This is Stegosaurus? (剑龙?jiàn lóng)



One day, a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.....on Earth, out of some primordial sludge came four funny looking entities completely unlike anything you've ever seen or heard. That is of course only if you're blind and deaf. They came crawling out of the sludge independently yet somehow connected. They came strapped with instruments in their hands and lyrics in their single celled brains.

Converging in one great city, they are now known as "Stegosaurus?" "Preposterous!!!" you may say. Preposterous indeed. How could such talent come from a puddle of mudd? Well, that is a question we shall leave you to ponder while you contemplate what kind of sound they collectively hold together. Two parts guitar, one part bass, one part drums, three parts vocals, one part random spaz and a bunch of random other parts of things..... they are "Stegosaurus?" Yes. Stegosaurus?

These 4 laowai have been seen playing in various places from the streets of the waidiren to the stages of Yuyintang, Live Bar, 696 Live Sound Garage, and MAO Live House in Beijing. They will play anywhere though. If you want to have a rockin' time at your grandmothers house, give Stegosaurus? a shout.


Stegosaurus? formed in the city of Shanghai in the summertime of 2009. At SUS2, one of the first shows they played, they met Adam Gaensler ( Concerning their music, he said:
"i know how much we all hate comparing bands to other bands in terms of sound. but a frame of reference can be a useful tool to get an understanding of how a band sounds without actually hearing them. so here’s what i heard in last night’s show: the kinks, the la’s, mr. bungle and the shaggs. you just try to put those disparate influences together in a meaningful way… stegosaurus did it last night. bass player, bren explained to me that one of the reasons for such a wide variety in the sound is that they all write songs and bring them to the band. the result is an exhuberant pop that changes directions in fun and unexpected ways. if their music were a child it would have AD(H)D (and it would be incredibly likable)."[1]

From there, they kept in touch with Adam, whom would eventually produce their first CD.


Early in 2010, Stegosaurus? began to record their first CD with the help of Adam Gaensler. After a few months of recording, mixing, and mastering, their first self titled LP was released. In regards to the CD, Zack (, Friend or Foe) said:
"Stegosaurus? offer rock music with a sense of humor and teeth. They don’t play songs as much as slay the dinosaur, butcher it, devour the prime cuts, and screw the bones back together for your little cousin to gawk at. By that I mean they think about angles for songs that other bands might not, which is a refreshing change from typical rock acts."[2]
On April 17, Stegosaurus? had their CD release party with support from Baby#13, Dragon Pizza, Rainbow Danger Club, and Boys Climbing Ropes. In response to their performance, some guy named Terence:
"Fair credit to Stegosaurus for actually writing songs and getting on stage in front of an audience, but egads, don't you think they should, well, decide on an identity, write some songs and practice together before getting on stage? As a headliner? At a CD release party."[3]
Stegosaurus? aren't known for being the tightest outfit in Shanghai but they are known for having a lot of energy and fun while they perform. The crowd usually responds positively to their sets.

Throughout 2010, they played many shows in Shanghai and were even invited to play a few shows in other cities. On May 29th, they were invited to play a part of the HiFi Festival in Zhenjiang. They supported Beijing based band Gemini.

On June 12th, 2010, they performed during the Good Jive 3 event at the Yuyintang. According to Jake Newby:
"Stegosaurus? went on next and closed the night out with a good set. Those who were there enjoyed it naturally, it just felt a little empty."[1]
Stegosaurus? had been in contact with Gia from Hang on the Box for a while. When Hang on the Box reformed with their new lineup, they were invited to play with them in support at their reunion show at Mao Live House in Beijing. Beijing Daze said this about Stegosaurus?:
"What can i say about them? They’re fun, their sound is completely schizophrenic and they feel/behave like a modern version of Spinal Tap: There was a bit of rap, pop, rock, metal, headbanging, dancing, screaming, a lot of comedy and the list goes on!...Yes, they’re somewhat idiotic but that doesn’t take anything away from them talent-wise."[4][5]
This show also marked the last show for their unspoken front man, Joseph. After almost a year of rocking and fun, he decided to quit the band do to lack of time to dedicate to the band. He left on good terms.

In December, they filmed and recorded their first music video for their song "请问我的朋友" and shared it with the world. It features lollipops, dancing and subtitles.


Early in 2011, the band had begun talking about their second CD. With plans for a more concise second effort, the band continued to work on new songs. At one of their first shows of the year, at 696 Live House, blogger Tim Dodds said:
"The thing that stood out most that evening was during the Stegosaurus set, and I’m not even sure if it was intentional. It was a sudden pulse of noise near the end of one of their songs. Probably a snare, bass note and guitar chord coming together just so, it surprised everyone. I don’t even know why it stood out, it was just a moment of shock that punctured the fun and the humour of their set for the briefest time. I probably wouldn’t have noticed, were it not for the comfort and ease of their songs, the gentle rapport. Space to think, and laugh in their case."[6]


Stegosaurus? submitted their song "Stinky Tofu" to be used on the compilation We Are Shanghai. It was released on January 13, 2012.

On July 28th at 696 Live Sound Garage, the band had an "official" release show for their b-sides entitled Our Songs B-side You. They were supported by the band Air Walker. This CD serves as an appetizer to their more complete main course entitled Purple Pachyderm (紫色厚皮兽类) due for release on August 17, 2012.


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