Stereo Chocolate (Sulumi)

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General Information

Artist: Sulumi
Title: Stereo Chocolate / 立体声巧克力 (lìtǐ shēng qiǎokèlì )
Release Date: 2006, June 15
Label: Guava Music (Modern Sky Records)
Type: CDDA

Track Listing

  1. Swordsman's Laughable Plan
  2. We Wanna Pop
  3. About B
  4. Ninjatee Me Mix
  5. Transforming Rabbit
  6. Childhood Love
  7. Wind And Your Hands
  8. About G
  9. 100000000000 Times
  10. Folk Animal
  11. To Catch Some Blank

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Bybefood Love(Remixed By Maru.Using LSDJ Only)
  2. 100000000000'Disko Times(Remixed By Usk)
  3. 100000000000 Nano×Nano Mix(Remixed By Saitone)

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