Suicidal Engagement (Heartless)

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General Information

Artist: Heartless
Title: Suicidal Engagement
Release Date: 2008, August
Label: Pest Productions
Type: CDDA

Track Listing

  1. Epicedium
  2. As The Plague Came
  3. Journey to Eternal
  4. Point of No Return
  5. Funeral of the Soul
  6. Sadism
  7. The Time
  8. Suicidal Engagement
  9. Outro


Aquarius Records (c) link

We recently discovered Pest Productions, a record label in China specializing in mysterious outsider black metal of all stripes, from black depressive black buzz, to blown out shimmery shoegaze black metal drift. Heartless are also from China, and whip up some seriously gorgeous and utterly despondent blackness, just check out the opening track here, after some minimal skeletal clean guitar strum, the song explodes in a thick washed out buzz drenched blur of mournful doom drenched black buzz trudgery, the melodies sad and bittersweet, the drums mechanical and spare, the vibe haunting and grim, dreamy and depressive, hypnotic and hellishly dreamy, the sort of sound we could listen to forever, a little bit Lifelover, with simple soaring melodies over the top, deliriously dreary. But that's just the opener.

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Further Information

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