Summer Palace (Buddha and Friends)

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General Information

Artist: Buddha and Friends 金佛和他的朋友们
Title: 夏日皇宫 (xìa rì huáng gong) / Summer Palace
Release Date: xxxx, Winter 2003
Label: Shanghai Sounds and Video Publishing 上海声像出版社
Type: CD and Cassettes
Catalog No.: XXX-000
ISRC: CN-E04-04-312-00

This is the first Chinese record combining modern Jazz with Chinese folk elements.

Track Listing

  1. 夏日皇宫 Summer Palace 4:29
  2. 漫步柳荫街 Walking Down LiuYin Street 4:10
  3. 日落西山 Sun set 4:03
  4. Made in China Ⅱ 4:58
  5. 纳凉儿 Chill 4:35
  6. Big Boy 5:51
  7. 钢琴与弦乐 A Fozi's Tune 4:31
  8. 跳舞的小狗 The Dancing Dog 4:13
  9. 伊妹儿e-Mail 4:14
  10. 京城的华尔兹 3 For Beijing 5:37
  11. 酒吧里的钢琴手 The Piano Man 4:25
  12. 大炮歌 A Big Pop Star 5:05


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Further Information

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