Tango of Ecstasy (Christina)

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General Information

Artist: Christina aka 常宁 (Chang Ning)
Title: Tango of Ecstasy (酒醉的探戈)
Release Date: 2006, September
Label: CRC Times Records 北京中唱时代音像/PoloArts Culture 北京普罗之声
Type: CD
Catalog No.: ISRC CN-C21-06-342-00/A.J6 / ACD-269 / POLO PFS-10221-2
Language: Chinese

Track Listing (printed)

  1. 酒醉的探戈 Tango of Ecstasy 4:04
  2. 我的心里只有你没有他 Only you in my heart 3:40
  3. 我真的不是故意的 I didnt do it deliberately 4:07
  4. 寻梦园 Dream about my lover 3:43
  5. 我要等你回来 I'll wait until you come Back 3:45
  6. 老情歌 Old love song 4:34
  7. 爱开始都像一首歌 Love is like a wonderful song at beginning 4:05
  8. 最爱是你 Love you mostly (Love you the MOST) 4:05
  9. 你的眼神 Expression in your eyes 4:04
  10. 城里的月光 Moon light over the city 5:19


I ordered this CD on Amazon.com.cn because it says "Jazz" in the tag line. Chang Ning aka Christina is more or less a typical Chinese pop singer who sometimes also does some Jazz try-outs. According to this Sina.com.cn page she started out in 1998 by wining the first prize of a pop competition named "Star of Tomorrow". Two years later she jobbed as chor singer for rock star Zheng Jun or Hongkong pop fame Su Youpeng 苏有朋. After also recording many song contributions for films and TV productions she signed to Polo Arts Culture and put out this debut album, doing cover songs of old love songs. Later she participated on the huge "Super Girls" project again as chor singer for all recording productions around 2006. Since 2007 she has been concentrating on her own music path as solo singer. Later she finally released her selftitled album "Chang Ning" in 2010 but that, as far as the few available promo tracks reveal, has nothing to do with Jazz anymore.

In fact this album isnt really a Jazz album. It is just that the producers might have thought that having the instrumentation for this album being put in a jazzy might be more suitable. And in deed, you will find many of those old songs being regulary covered by Chinese singers in those Jazz bars. Chang Ning's singing is very professional and nice, also her try out to dip into cozy/lounge Jazz isnt bad at all. I wished she would have tried more or harder. Unfortunately, the booklet didnt say anything about other participating musicians, but since if must have been just a job album and not anything serious in terms of Jazz, only few would care at all.

here are few links related to Chang Ning or this album (not that easy to find at all!)

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