The 6th Generation of China Rock

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this article is actually a gig annoucement of a theme concert in Yugong Yishan on Sept. 11th 2010, but the interesting point of this article is that it outlined all participating acts as the "6th Generation" of Chinese rock bands.

General information

Author Chic-Chic
English title The 6th Generation of China Rock
Chinese title 中国第六代新声集结亮相愚公移山
Date of publication 2010 exactly on 2010/08/25
Original URL The original article was posted on

Entities mentioned

In this article, especially the following entities (bands, artists, cities, articles, etc.) are being called out:

Rustic, Mr. Graceless, Birdstriking, Me Guan Me, The Flyx, Lazy Camels, Residence A, Yugong Yishan

Keywords & Genre

The following keywords / genres apply for this article:

Announcement, Rock

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