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General Information

Artist: The Swamp
Title: 憧憬之船 / The Boat
Release Date: 2008, November
Label: Self-produced record
Type: Net-release

Track Listing

  1. 憧憬之船 (The boat)

Download the song (mp3) from


(c) Azchael, 2008

Guangzhou's The Swamp released another wonderful piece of post-rock indie music titled The Boat beginning with a slow and moderate long intro the song soon evolves in a typical post-rock style composition. I listened to the song for many hours as a background music and it perfectly fits into the thoughts of yourself, whether you work or relax, just like a boat gives you a certain kind of safety from the waves around you, this song allows oneself to just forget the surroundings and focus on whats really important.

(c) Bitetone, by lojun, March 6, 2010

Like the soundtrack to an old fisherman’s tale, the song conveys feelings of desperation and loneliness. With sparse moments that tug at the listener’s heart, giving way to busy musical passages that command emotional power. The song is aptly titled – just like the feeling of a boat on the sea, the song drifts through similar musical build up and climaxes.


Further Information

Lineup on the record

Seasean: drums, mixing

Roy: bass, keyboard

Jim: guitar, small keyboard

Hz: guitar

Cover painting: Miao

Cover design: Seasean

Statement of the Band










Additional Information

  • That song was already performed live several times in 2007 and was scheduled to be released with the next studio record of The Swamp. However due to recording problems, the whole album is delayed and the band decided to distribute this single for free on the web beforehand.

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