The Look (Supermarket)

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General Information

Artist: Supermarket
Title: 模样 (múyàng) / The Look (sometimes translated as Appearance)
Release Date: 1998, April
Label: Modern Sky Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: CD-0494,ISRC CN-E04-98-379-00/A.J6(CD版)

Track Listing

  1. Long Long Time Ago
  2. Sad Hallucination
  3. Rose Park
  4. The 5th Element
  5. Swatch
  6. Explode
  7. Perfunctory
  8. If you come tonight
  9. 荊棘与往事 (only on the version)

Further Information

  • This record was re-released several times, as well in Japan (CH=0593(CD版)), as on in 1999 and again on Modern Sky Records in December 2004 (M-003,ISRC CN-A50-04-0202-0/A・J6(CD版)).

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