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The Wall, Taiyuan band



Vocals/Guitar: Wang Xin

Bass: Wu Kai

Drums: Qi Jun


In June 1999, they performed in the 年華酒[ロ巴].

In August they performed in the 部落人迪[ロ巴].

On August 30th, they performed in the 太谷飛翔鳥山西揺滾 music festival.

October, they were included in the Taiyuan Underground Rock Music 2 (VA) compilation.

December 31st, they performed in the 呼嘯山庄.

January 22nd, 2000, they performed an unplugged session in the 呼嘯山庄.

April 14th, they performed in the 糊[シ余]仙玩具[ロ巴] for the releases of Taiyuan Underground Music No.3 (VA), Xiang Xiang Ba (Yin Huan) and The Wall's own demo record.

In 2002, they were included in the Taiyuan Underground Music No.5 (VA).

In June 2002, they were included in the compilation record Folk Noise II (VA).

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