The World Has Become a Fairytale (Sand)

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General Information

Artist: Sand
Title: 一个早已成为童话的世界 (yī ge zǎoyǐ chéngwéi tónghuà de shìjiè) / The World Has Become a Fairytale
Release Date: 2009, May 8
Label: 大公鸡唱片
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:
Language: Chinese
ISRC: CN-A08-09-303-00

Track Listing

  1. 吉利
  2. 我一定是在天上
  3. 明月在上
  4. 一个早已成为童话的世界
  5. 怪模怪样(I)
  6. 点上你的蜡烛
  7. 两只燕子
  8. 别离开我
  9. 浪浪浪


  • (c) The Beijinger, Wang Ge, July 2009 issue

For a band that's been around since 1998, a discography of just two albums is taking things slow, to say the least. Eight years have passed since Sand's critically acclaimed debut, The Stars Fell On My Head, and now, after countless live performances, their sophomore effort has finally emerged.

The album came out in Germany in 2008 under the title Die Welt ist ein Märchen Geworden, but lead singer Liu Donghong decided on a domestic release through his own label, Da Gongji (大公鸡). Most songs follow the typical Sand style, where the first two-thirds of a track are filled with Liu's murmuring, accompanied by cozy electric guitar, while the rest bursts with long solos that bury Liu's deep chanting. There's something almost too familiar about this record, but perhaps it's too much to ask for something entirely new, especially when the album was piratable well before its official China release date.


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