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Article about Underbaby: These days if you hit a punk show in Beijing, you’re more likely than not to see a bunch of stocky guys in combat boots and suspenders barking out anthemic Beijing pride songs. But this is a far cry from the original incarnations of Chinese punk, a motley crew of ’90s bands that includes everyone from the genre’s spiritual forebear Dou Wei, to the infamous “Wuliao Contingent” (无聊军队 wúliáo jūnduì), comprising legendary bands Brain Failure, 69, Reflector and Anarchy Jerks. But before all these boys were strapping dog collars around their necks and slicking their hair into bright-green spikes, there was another band that started it all, widely recognized as China’s very first punk band: Underground Baby.

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Author Liz Tung
English title The band that started Chinese punk
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