The best unsigned band in Shanghai

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Jake Newby about underground rock band Pinkberry with interview of Xiao You.

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Author Jake Newby
English title The best unsigned band in Shanghai
Publication Urbanatomy Shanghai
Date of publication 2009 exactly on 2009/02/08
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Pinkberry, Shanghai

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Sunday, 08 February 2009 04:02 originally in Urbanatomy Shanghai, with kind permission by Jake Newby


The best unsigned band in Shanghai

Pop-punk upstarts Pinkberry are already the cream of the local music crop

Six months can be a long time in the life of a band. It's certainly true in the case of local pop-punkers Pinkberry. Formed toward the end of August last year – when lead singer Xiao You and guitarist Xiao Cao were joined by bassist Shou Si and drummer A Luan – they have fast become one of the highlights of the Shanghai music scene.

Their first live performance as a band was, somewhat bizarrely, at a promotional event for Thai Airways. Since then, however, they have gone from strength to strength, opening for acclaimed Beijing garage-punk outfit Subs last November and legendary American punks The Queers during their Shanghai appearance last month.

"We were really excited to perform with The Queers," says Xiao You, although supporting such big-name acts hasn't seemed to faze them much. "We weren't nervous in our own performance so much as nervous because we want to help introduce foreign bands to Chinese punk."

Despite only being together for a few months, the band has already made a lot of progress on this mission. With a tight set and the always-impressive Xiao You as frontwoman, Pinkberry produce short, sharp pop-punk songs with driving rhythms and catchy melodies. Their musicianship has already seen them pick up awards – winning the Shanghai round of the Yamaha Asian Beat band contest last November. "Competitions and performances are what really help our band develop," says Xiao You. "We're always really excited and eager to be performing to people." And people can't seem to get enough of them, as shown at the Subs gig, where the crowd demanded a Pinkberry encore – a call not usually reserved for supposed warm-up acts.

"I think we've developed quite quickly as a band even though we've only been together six months," she says, "and we hope to have a record out by our first anniversary." Their performance so impressed The Queers that they have invited Pinkberry to their studio in the States. Xiao You was "honored" by the invitation and encouragement, but is cautious about whether this will come to fruition. Nevertheless, the band has plans to release records this year, and is brimming with ambition. "We'll be on the 0093 April Fool's Day compilation," Xiao You reveals, "and our friends Little Nature and Crazy Mushrooms have both been signed recently and are recording albums, so we'd like to follow in their footsteps." Given the speed of their rise in the last six months, you get the feeling that, for Pinkberry, anything is possible right now.

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