This's a problem (Miserable Faith)

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General Information

Artist: Miserable Faith
Title: This's a problem / 这是个问题
Release Date: 2001, September Label: Scream Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: ---
Language: Chinese
ISRC: CNA080131400
Credits: Lineup of Miserable Faith: 主唱:高虎, 吉他:李豫川, 吉他:田然, 吉他:麒麟, 贝司:张静, 鼓手:张冰, 鼓手:迟功伟


  1. When there is oppression there is a revolution (哪里有压迫哪里就有反抗)
  2. Wrath (愤怒)
  3. Like a bitch (像个婊子)
  4. The duplicator (复制者)
  5. Hooray (万岁)
  6. This's a problem (这是个问题)
  7. The Chinese Stuff (中国特色)
  8. The true wicked idea (真实的邪念)
  9. More over (让位)
  10. On the edge of freedom (自由的边缘)
  11. Pretense (幌子)

Further information

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