Try It On For Size (Ronez)

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General Information

Artist: Ronez
Title: Try It On For Size
Release Date: 2002
Label: Subjam Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: sub jam 007

General information

ronez aka zhou pei is a noise artist based in guilin. this is his second album collected his early works. some simple, lo-fi and naive pieces, some avant-pop like tracks, and some electronic experiments. he designed cover art himself. now he runs dou fu label for serve china and intenational noise/improv scene. the first 300 copies contain a condom as bonus.

Track Listing

  1. crack sound #2
  2. another sample shit
  3. wet touch
  4. drums
  5. quick mix
  6. symbol
  7. somewhere in your body (sw u don't know)
  8. crack sound #1
  9. 夏天是谁
  10. ronez vs fan yan #8
  11. it's not a radio
  12. ronez vs fan yan #5
  13. 还没开始就已结束
  14. ronez vs fan yan #9
  15. u-can-make-some
  16. 还没结束就已开始
  17. ronez vs fan yan #3
  18. 记忆和夜色的流动
  19. ronez vs fan yan #4
  20. 失魂之路
  21. ronez vs fan yan #6
  22. q
  23. somewhere in your body (sw u can't find)
  24. shadow copy*
  25. 蓝光*
  • bonus track: live stuff by bei lian hu (g: tang gang; k: zhu zhijun; drum machine: zhou pei)

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