Turning Japanese heads to China: The Shanghai scene

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Reflections of a These Are Powers gig at Shanghai's Zhijiang Dream Factory with support from Beijing's PK14 and Carsick Cars on the Shanghai and China music scene. See also Jake Newby's blog entry for some comments on the article.

General information

Author Alex Hoban
English title Turning Japanese heads to China: The Shanghai scene
Publication The Guardian
Date of publication 2009 exactly on 2009/08/04
Original URL The original article was posted on http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2009/aug/04/turning-japanese-china-shanghai-scene

Entities mentioned

In this article, especially the following entities (bands, artists, cities, articles, etc.) are being called out:

PK14, Carsick Cars

Keywords & Genre

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Live Review, Shanghai, Rock

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