Underground Electronic Music in Shanghai

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3-part piece on the underground electronic music scene in Shanghai with the different musical styles, artist portraits, events and venues.

General information

Author Sean Leow
English title Underground Electronic Music in Shanghai
Publication Asia Scout Network
Date of publication 2008 exactly on 2008/12/07
Original URL The original article was posted on http://asiascoutnetwork.com/?q=node/1012

Entities mentioned

In this article, especially the following entities (bands, artists, cities, articles, etc.) are being called out:


Keywords & Genre

The following keywords / genres apply for this article:

Report, Electro

Further information

Part 1: http://asiascoutnetwork.com/?q=node/1012
Part 2: http://asiascoutnetwork.com/?q=node/1014
Part 3: http://asiascoutnetwork.com/?q=node/1028

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