Underground Hip-Hop in Shanghai

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4-part piece on the underground hip-hop scene in Shanghai with the different musical styles, artist portraits, events and venues.

General information

Author Sean Leow
English title Underground Hip-Hop in Shanghai
Publication Asia Scout Network
Date of publication 2008 exactly on 2008/11/19
Original URL The original article was posted on http://www.asiascoutnetwork.com/?q=node/973

Entities mentioned

In this article, especially the following entities (bands, artists, cities, articles, etc.) are being called out:


Keywords & Genre

The following keywords / genres apply for this article:

Report, Hip Hop

Further information

Part 1: http://www.asiascoutnetwork.com/?q=node/973
Part 2: http://www.asiascoutnetwork.com/?q=node/975
Part 3: http://www.asiascoutnetwork.com/?q=node/978
Part 4: http://www.asiascoutnetwork.com/?q=node/979

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