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General Information

Artist: Various Artists
Title: W E V A
Release Date: 2004, April 30
Label: Bedzoo Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: Bedzoo CD-001

Track Listing

  1. 李晓浩 (Li Xiao Hao) - FAGE
  2. B6 - Vige
  3. 十口几点 (Shi Kou Ji Dian) - More Life More Love
  4. Panda Twin - Consecution Dream
  5. cy - Down Hit
  6. Di-Bit - Tana2
  7. Di-Bit - Kanitop2
  8. Jeven - 七
  9. iLoop - 非卖品
  10. Ronez - For Cleaners
  11. Disk J - Abarognosis
  12. wukun - Something Difference
  13. Zoojoo - Off And On
  14. Susuxx - Flyingdo
  15. ZaOYiN - CoMe
  16. ME:MO - L 2 OP


  • (c) that's Beijing Magazine Online, Gerald Mak, October 24, 2004

Salumi and his cohorts need to decide what they’re called if they want to build a brand name. Are they Landscape? Are they Bedzoo? On this latest compilation, 'WEVA', the label is called Bedzoo, and they’re definitely filling the niche for leftfield electronic music. Highlights include the precocious ‘More Life More Love’ by Shikou Jidian and the following track, ‘Consecution Dream,’ a ‘digital hardcore’ drum and bass track by Salumi’s own project, Panda Twin. The rest of the CD tends towards minimalism with a couple of tracks by veteran laptopper, Ronez. Not bad, but not spectacular either.


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