Watch out! Climate has changed, fat mum rises... (Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues)

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General Information

Artist: Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues
Title: Watch out! Climate has changed, fat mum rises...
Release Date: 2009, February 27
Label: Modern Sky Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: M035
Language: English
ISRC: CN-A09-08-699-00

(Except Track 3 by Peng Shen Re-TROS, Track 9 by Damon McMahon & Re-TROS).
Produced by Damon McMahon & Re-TROS, recorded by Charles Burst & Chen Dong at HS2 Studio & Modern Sky Studio, Beijing.
Mixed by Keizo.
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound, New York. Guest Musicians:
Tieqiao Li, Saxophone on Tracks 8 & 10.
Damon McMahon, Guitar on Track 9.
Spoken Words: Charles Burst, Damon McMahon & Meng Jinhui.

Track Listing

  1. Watch Out, Climate Has Changed...
  2. Surrender
  3. My Great Location
  4. Momentarily Out Of Mind
  5. Escape Behind... I
  6. Vis-A-Vis
  7. Escape Behind...II
  8. Up Next: Bela Lugosi's Back
  9. Billy Cannot Stop
  10. By Your Both Sides, Left And Right
  11. ...Fat Mum Rises!

Further information

  • Instead of publishing the lyrics, Re-TROS only printed a word list per song into their booklet, e.g for Surrender' the word 'do was used 2 times, the total number of unique words was 75 and the total number of words is 109.
  • Furthermore, instead of stating the time for each song, they have printed a timescale (like a clock) on the CD and show the song's duration as bar along that scale.
  • Douban page
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