Wham! in China

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Wham! in China

Wham! in China

In April 1985 the foreign band Wham performs, according to BBC News, in the People's Gymnasium Beijing in front of 15000 people and starts a pop euphoria[1], the Time Magazine however set the concert to the Worker's stadium and downgrade the audience to rather 10000 listeners (thereof 4000 foreigners).[2] Both reports align on the fact that the concert itself was a rather splitted event, with part of the audience going wild and part of it (in fear of repression) sitting still on their seat. Their visit was 10 days. The China excursion was a masterful publicity scheme devised by Simon Napier-Bell (one of their two managers—Jazz Summers being the other). It culminated in a concert at the Workers' Gymnasium in Beijing in front of 10,000 people. Director Lindsay Anderson documented the tour in his film Foreign Skies.

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