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What (什么乐队 Shen Me Band) from Beijing



Vocals / Lyrics and Music / Rhythm Guitar / Bamboo Flute - Lu Ying (吕赢) (from Hebei Shijiazhuang)

Keyboard / Vocals - Qin Xuan (秦玄) (from Hebei Cangzhou)

Keynote Guitar - Cui Xu(崔旭) (from Hebei Baoding)

Bass - Zhan Jun (詹军) (Beijing)

Drums - Toby (Sweden)


The "What" band was founded in 2001 and participated in 2002 Shan Qu "Passes through the jungle" Spring Festival by CCTV 10 Science and Technology Education Program.

Also in 2002, What performed in various locations in Beijing, such as the CD Cafe and the The What Bar.

In 2003 What band presents their underground record "What I". They also performed at the Midi Festival that year.

What's music was described by several foreing magazines (after their record release) as a music form similar to those of Pink Floyd or Frank Zappa.

2008, February 28th they performed in Mao Live.

April 13th they performed in Mao Live.

July 5th they performed in the New Get Lucky.

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