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The What? Bar is a small rock venue that has shifted several times its location and each time was referred to as "New What Bar" or "Old What Bar".


The bar began as Jungle (the sign followed the bar around the city), one of the few highlights of the walk of shame that eventually became central-Beijing’s Sanlitun South Bar Street. (...) Its demolition came earlier than the rest of the strip (which disappeared in 2004)[1]
When South Street met the wrecking ball, Jungle moved north, down a long, dark and sketchy street from what was then Beijing’s premier live music spot, Get Lucky (...) [1]

Thereafter the bar moved into new digs in the shadow of the China Central Television towers[1]. At the same time another venue was opened at the Yuan Dynasty Wall Bar Street. However the double expenditure didn't survive for long and the bar finally moved to the western wall of the Forbidden City[1]

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